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少年時: Gallery


Tsai Yu-hua, Liu Jing-yun, Jiang Ying-hui,

Ding Yi-ping, Zhang Chih-wei

Drama, 20 minutes

In 1978, Maozai from a poor family, and a local gangster Ludan were good friends with very different values. The two people are from different worlds, still. Due to an incident, they had a big fight and finally, their envy and dissatisfaction for each other bursted out. When the situation looked unsavable, the two seemed to finally understand each other and changed. Since then, they have gone different ways.

This story is a tribute to our fathers and grandpas.

少年時: 文字
蔡雨華_少年時_Young Time.png

Tsai Yu-hua

As someone from Tainan, I went back to Tainan to shoot, with delicious food in front of me(?), but I lost 3 kilograms because I couldn’t eat. Rather than being a director, I’ve been a more experienced and a better producer. How weird is that. The crew said that I was difficult (and I really was difficult, my temper was also bad). From the preparation to the end, there were different hands around my neck, saying that they would strangle me haha. Until now, I’m still fighting, and my bad luck is only better than Liu Ching-yun and Ding Yi-ping. I’m in third place.


Liu Ching-yun

 I was writing the script, reversing the script, or discussing how to reverse the script…Tsai Yu-hua and I were the lingering ghosts in the social hall in the dorm. Usually, we are there from 1 to 4 AM, taking naps and fighting with this degree show monster, there were so many rounds of fighting. I claimed that I like to create, but most of the time I wine with huge bags under my eyes, and I’m often too busy to wash my hair. Except for the production designer, I was probably the one with the worst luck. My favorite part was having discussions with the actors about how to act the scenes out, but after 8 days of shooting, my brain was overheated.


Jiang Ying-hui

8 days of dealing with the actors, venues, traffic, and all kinds of natural disasters and man-made troubles. How did all of this match up with coincidence? I probably have selective amnesia and I really fear to think about it, but 35 versions of the schedule recorded everything.


Ding Yi-ping

Got angry easily, I was angry every day. Blaming the rain in the middle of shooting! Tell me if I should be angry! 

張智瑋_少年時_Young Time.png

Zhang Chih-wei

Well done everyone...

少年時: 團隊成員
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