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What was Wrong with Me

Hsieh Ming-ming

Experimental film, 7 minutes

The past is vague mostly, and only the fragments one chooses will become memories.

When it becomes a memory, due to the adding of interpretation, it is not the same as how the past is.

Memories are imagination based on the past!

Things are just fine, but they have become wounds.

It is because of my interpretation as a knife.

Since last year, I have been determined to forge my knife into a cookable pot, and reinterpreting my childhood memories is my practice.

Even if it's just a sentence or a small matter, read it carefully and make more beautiful memories.

這裡的過去充滿誤會: 文字

Hsieh Ming-ming

Ming-ming is someone from Tainan who considers arts as something that free people’s minds.

She enjoys discovering beauty and human beings’ body, soul, and mind. Her recent goal is to start her career with a related job; her recent wish is that the Covid goes away and disappears.

With experience of radio shows, documentary, YouTube channel videos and more, she consider this experimental film project as a journey of self-discover and curing.

這裡的過去充滿誤會: 團隊成員
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