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迷霧: Gallery


Pen Hsiang-ching、Loh Yu-yan

Documentary, 25 minutes

In the 1970s, signs of Linyuan Industrial Park were hung up high, and followed by a large amount of job opportunities, subsidies, scholarships, explosions, smoke... Linyuan people and the industrial park depend on each other, but hate each other as well. This twisted complex has fallen into circulation for generations.

An outcome of this situation is The Chemical Engineering Industry-Academia Collaboration Class of Linyuan High School. High school students who just turned eighteen have no time to wave their youth goodbye. They put on loose workers' uniforms, and entered CPC as the lowest-level operators.

迷霧: 文字

Pen Hsiang-ching

From Kaohsiung, Linyuan. The first graduates of The Collaboration Class of Linyuan High School, and was once admitted to CPC technician, but fortunately I didn’t go, so I have the chance to film this documentary. I had no experience in making a documentary before, I had been in crews and dealing with clothes. This is my first time being a director, I am so nervousヽ༼ಢ_ಢ༽ノ


Loh Yu-yan

Malaysian, supporter of Taiwan’s independence. Hope to become a theater worker, but I filmed a documentary somehow. Skill level now is that I can shoot on a motorcycle and make it steady (says me). I hope people can pay me for projects more. Please, I’m so poor.

迷霧: 團隊成員
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