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In the Bottle

Chen Pei-xuan, Wu Dai-rong, Ni Xuan-en

Animation, 10 minutes

The pandemic and the pressure of graduating have left Timmy out of breath.The neglected emotions continue to accumulate, he troubled himself like he was trapped in a bottle.Floating and sinking in a small bottle in the sea, drifting with the flow, How should he find the way forward?

瓶中人: 文字
陳珮瑄_瓶中人_In the Bottle.png

Chen Pei-xuan

had two animation courses and I wanted to make one. But it is so hard >///<, I feel bad and I feel like crying. Recently, I think that having meals is a bother. You want to fall asleep when eating too much, and you get hungry when not eating enough. 

Life's ultimate goal is to meet someone who eats slower than me.

吳岱蓉_瓶中人_in the bottle.png

Wu Dai-rong

Wu Dai-rong is from Tainan, but does not feel like one from Tainan. She is rasional yet a bit sentimental as well; with a Pisces personality, odd things come to mind occasionally. She is a complete sugar-free milk tea lover, and a huge fan of anime.


Ni Xuan-en

Became the editor by chance.

Like Timmy, finding a way out in the big ocean, finding myself in a small bottle.

I expect myself to be someone out of the bottle even when I’m in it.

瓶中人: 團隊成員
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