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國際觀摩片07: Gallery

The Hair has Grown

Shi weina

Experimental animation   4 minutes 2 seconds

This performance runs through the beginning and end of the creation of the animation, through the animation "frame by frame" time processing to decompose time, decompose oneself and one's own life, the author is creating the animation, but also in the "performance The author is creating the animation, but also introspecting in the "performance".

國際觀摩片07: 文字

Shi weina

Graduated from the Experimental Art Department of Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts in 2020. A somewhat marginal animator who practices introspection with painting and the "painting" that moves. Her works include <Hello> (2016), <Tap Water, Ice and Sugar >(2018) and <The hair has grown > (2020).

國際觀摩片07: 團隊成員
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