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國際觀摩片05: Gallery


Zhang Xinyue, Lu Rui

Experimental film    4 minutes 42 seconds

By shaping the image of the heroine, this short film shows the issue of female students' freedom of speech on sexual topics in society. When women openly talk about sex, they will always receive some strange eyes and teasing reactions. This short film is an exaggeration of this phenomenon. After the heroine falls in love, she feels the joy of sex, which for her is a way to liberate her nature. So she dared to share with her friends, but everyone was horrified, she chose between silence and persistence. By making this short film, I hope the girls can be more brave and free to do what they want to do when they talk about what they think is happy.

國際觀摩片05: 文字
张新月  Zhang Xinyue.jpg

Zhang Xinyue

Born in 1998, graduated from the Animation Department of Nanjing University of the Arts in 2020. His works include the animated short film "Charon" and the font design work "Luckly Year Series". In "Charon", I was mainly responsible for the early character design and post-production of the short film.

吕瑞   Lu Rui.jpg

Lu Rui

Born in 1997. Graduated from the Animation Department of Nanjing University of the Arts in 2020. As one of the creators of the experimental animated short film "Charon", I am good at illustration and prefer the picture effect with texture and brush strokes. The short film Charon was mainly responsible for the art setting of the early scenes of the short film from the finalization of the theme to the completion of the later creation.

國際觀摩片05: 團隊成員
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