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國際觀摩片04: Gallery

Spring Shower

See Kar Seng

Drama    25 minutes

Jiachun is 18 years old, she lives in an old house with her mother who has just moved home from the hospital. Other than relying on the money subsidy from relatives, Jiachun work in the rubber plantation early of the morning to take care of her mother make a living. As the Lunar New Year is getting closer, Jiachun prepares various of dishes, and put on some decorations in the house to create the ambience of New Year, intends to go back to the old days when the home was lively and joyous.

國際觀摩片04: 文字
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See Kar Seng

See Kar Seng was born in 1993 Malaysia, he went to Taiwan study Film at the age of 18. The university’s graduation production "Bali Ais" was shortlisted for the Taipei Film Festival and the First Xining International Film Festival. Then he went to Shih Hsin University master class to continue his research film creation and completed the graduation production of "Spring Shower" in 2021.

國際觀摩片04: 團隊成員
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