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她的手: Gallery

Her Hands

Chen Yu-hong, Wang Yun-wen

Documentary/ Experimental film, 25 minutes

One afternoon last summer, I was sitting on the sofa listening to music and playing with my phone. I looked up occasionally, and I saw images that have appeared countless times in my life. Mother was preparing dinner diligently with her hands, and suddenly I thought of Grandma in Changhua, too. With their hands, they accomplished so much silently, and I realize this fact often, but often I just let it go, leave it forgotten and ignored. If my hands have no gentle power like they do, let me record it with my eyes.

她的手: 文字
陳宇弘_她的手|宇弘與翻車魚_Her Hands_Mola Mola Art.p

Chen Yu-hong

I’m a 21 year old male college student who loves my mom and grandma.

王韻雯_她的手_Her Hands.png

Wang Yun-wen

Looking at them, I think of my own mother and grandmothers. It’s warm and magical, and I've got to hug them gently.

她的手: 團隊成員
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