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Li Hsin-yu

Drama, 20 minutes

In Warmy's many sketches, beside Ah-Lin's paintings from various angles of light and shadow, a pure purple painting which is larger than a bed was never done. If red, which is too hot, and blue, which is too cold, are both unbearable for people, will purple after reconciliation become how happiness looks like? Perhaps when an accident happens, it is a sign that love wants to grow out underneath the surface. If so,how is it a sin to be restless and uncertain after a crazy crush?

暖暖: 文字

Li Hsin-yu

Li Hsin-yu, Pisces with the rising sign Aries, a crybaby, alway a mess inside. I recorded all of my floating and down-to-earth parts of life with greed. I create and create, with my minds crossing each other; it’s a comb which softens the mess and makes it shareable to people. I love this film, HadMeAtGOODBYE, and I love you who complete or watch it!

暖暖: 團隊成員
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