Clue 01: Time of Chaos

Golden Surge, In the Bottle, MOLA MOLA ART

If we can just be in peace. Both the outer world or the inner one are in the time of chaos. How do people face a time like this? How do we fight against the ferocity? In the time of chaos, who are we with?

Premiere 6/26 10:30-12:00


Clue 02: Feelings on Screen

HadMeAtGOODBYE, Youth, Being Together

Dramas are filled with real feelings. Although the shots are designed, the plots are arranged, friendship and love are still there on the screen.

Premiere 6/26 13:00-15:00


Clue 03: Lives of Mothers

A Dance with Granny, Ungrounded, Her Hands

How much do we know about the lives of the mothers? Their bodies bear responsibilities and fate, also a part of the past which we could not be familiar with. 

Premiere 6/26 15:20-17:30


Clue 04: Back to Stray

Opus One, Mist, What was Wrong with Me

The road often taken is the most familiar one. However, in the fog of the past, what we are most familiar with does not equal to what we understand the most. By going back, again and again, viewing the past, we hope our strays follow some answers.


Premiere 6/26 19:00-20:45