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Being Together

Jian Yu-han, Lin Yi-rou

Drama, 18 minutes

Since Liu Zhen-ming was a child, he lived in a family without warmth, so he was always with his three buddies: Ho Guan-hua, Lin Yu-cheng, and Zheng Jia-hong. To him, the friendship of them four was everything.

After highschool, Liu Zhen-ming went to Taipei alone to study; this precious friendship seemed to change gradually, but he was unable to make a difference each time. An accident made it too late to fulfill the promise he made back then.

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Jian Yu-han

As the writer and director of Together, this is my first time directing a short drama, which the scenes are mostly in my hometown. The story is based on my personal experience. I hope that through this piece of work I can talk about my regret, and what’s more, to commemorate the friendship I cared for a lot in the past.


Lin Yi-rou

As the photographer, it is so tiring and expensive to shoot graduation work. Going through all the twists and changes in my mind, now I think it was a pretty fun process. Thanks to those who gave a hand.

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