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婆婆跳舞: Gallery

A Dance with Granny

Yang Jun-yu

Experimental film, 10 minutes

"How a wife regains her life focus when facing the death of her husband, and how a grandson should connect more with the family when facing the death of his grandfather."


I call my grandmother "po-po". She was a lively, people person, until last year when Grandfather left her. She isolated herself, and the loss of life focus also stopped her from dancing. I realized that I have the responsibility to accompany her to move on, so through this piece of work, I hope that she can refocus her life back to herself; also, I hope to connect more with my grandmother.

婆婆跳舞: 文字

Yang Jun-yu

Hakka, grew up having Hakka vegetable buns and qiˇ ba. Thus, he cannot accept the point of view saying that “qiˇ ba is the inside out version of peanut tang yuan.” Often he theme his works with his feelings, and after his grandfather passed away, he tried to organize his feelings for “home” with a video work.

婆婆跳舞: 團隊成員
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