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Creating videos, we do it as a way of seeking and decrypting.


Following the answers we hope to see, following the curiosity of our ability, we are on the path of creating.


The answer might never be revealed, or perhaps it does not exist.


If so, let’s accept all the possible answers together, shall we?


Please allow us to share the process of our decryption. It is our wish that you solve your own puzzle by watching these videos.


However, are our puzzles really solved when we view creating as decryption?

影展介紹: About


When telling stories, we are often lonely and naked

Our hearts and intestines are clearly seen

We move forward through the weak light in this big universe

A transparent man on another planet

Please look through me gently, and remember to hug me

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影展介紹: About

About the Festival

Starting from this year, the Department of Radio and Television of NCCU has changed "Graduation Project" to "Individual Project". With four years of learning about programming, creating, and communication theories, students combine what they have learned and what they want to convey, through creative practice, they practice communication and teamwork.

This year, the Individual Project allows creators to express their creativity with more freedom. As creators and curators at the same time, we continue to think and see more possibilities for multiple narratives in the process of decrypting.

影展介紹: About


影展介紹: 見證

Wu Chun-hui

The epidemic has not come to an end but continues to affect and change us. The only thing that cannot be changed is our strong power of creating. Although we feel restricted everywhere, creating is the best way that can break through the limitations of reality. The crisis of the epidemic has not only stimulated creative thinking and motivation, but has even become a recent topic for creating. The creating plan for this year’s "individual project" course directly responds to the dilemma of graduation and employment faced by creators under the epidemic. The thinking is not limited to the individual's current situation. It expands the story to the co-existence of Earth's ecology and human beings, and also puts forward a critical idea of ​​fighting the environmental pollution caused by the virus.


In addition to the issue of the epidemic, I think the creating plan for this year’s "individual project" course has expressed strong concern about the changes in the world and personal life experience, so that the two are closely linked. For example, an artist is focusing on Hong Kong's anti-extradition. The creator's personal imagination brought a magical realistic visual shock. Some works dig deep into personal life history, by reviewing the life course and works in the past, by having a dialogue with oneself, and paying tribute to the elders of different generations. Some works challenge existing narrative rules and experiment with images across materials. As an instructor, through these works, I am able to see these young generations of creators expressing their unique views and care with no fear. I was very touched. In the past year with these creators, I gained a lot. In my opinion, this process of creating and the works themselves are not only an exploration of aesthetic creating paths, but also a path to viewing the world, understanding the world, connecting the world, and interacting with the world.


The biggest change this year is that in the past, the degree show held by three departments of Communication is now held by the Department of Radio and Television, and has been changed as "Individual Project". Therefore, there is no longer a curatorial team to plan film festivals and exhibitions. In addition to completing their own works, the students of the "Individual Project" also need to hold the film festival and exhibition. From the last semester, the students are grouped into different positions in the curation team. Whether it is program planning, design, marketing, publicity, and more, the students work as both the curators and creators,  organizing the film festival, and they have shown their strong ambition. It is not only working hard to raise money, but also planning international commentaries for the film festival, as well as exchanges of international students’ works. I hope the film festival will be able to reach and have conversations with more audiences.


This film festival is calledDecryption, 2021 1st NCCU RTV Independent Project Film Festival. It gets rid of the scale in the past. Students can hold an exquisitely small film festival, focusing more on presenting the works and communicating with the audience. I believe that for all the students in this course, in addition to the gains from creating, also learning about curation is an unexpectedly valuable experience.

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